Enfant charmante et fourbe.

Kawaei Rina G+ 2014/07/23

ANNきいてくださーい(*^^*)Listen to ANN (*^^*)

Today’s MC: Kashiwagi Yuki, Yokoyama Yui, Kawaei Rina

Kawaei Rina Mobame 2014/07/19

チームA会♪♪Team A’s party ♪♪そのあとはとある番组の収录にいってきまーす\(^o^)/And then I’ll go to do a recording for a certain show \(^o^)/では!See you!

I was about to pass this post and then I’m reading ‘Kawaei Rina mobame’, *scrolls back* what? o_O that’s Ricchan? lol