Enfant charmante et fourbe.

Ooba Mina (left) - Kawaei Rina
Ricchan is OK with doing it but it’s not ok to receive it. I don’t want both to do and to receive it. Mina-san is a person who assail us ♥Ichikawa Miori

What? Renacchi is no exception, though? Only Yui and Juri is fine.

Kawaei Rina Mobame 2014/10/18

今日の撮影は早朝でめちゃくちゃ寒かったです。Today’s recording was early in the morning and it was very cold.でもたくさん走ったのであったまりました。But I ran a lot so I warmed myself up.明日も明后日も、撮影がつづくので风邪ひかないようにしなきゃ。Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too I’ll have recordings so I must be careful to don’t catch a cold.写メは仲良しな久松郁美ちゃんと富士山と。笑In the pic I’m with Hisamatsu Ikumi I get along with and with the mount Fuji. lolではSee you.




Talking about the handshake event’s incident.

Ricchan: I’ve become susceptible towards people. When a person comes next to me I am like “Eh!?”.
Staff: When a person you don’t know comes next to you?
Ricchan: Yes, people I don’t know…


Staff: Didn’t you think about leaving AKB48?